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This is just a space to find a few of the mental health resources you might already recognise.  If you are in a crisis situation please call 000

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info & learning

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.


young people

eheadspace provides free online and telephone support and counselling to young Australian's people 12 - 25 and their families and friends. 

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13 11 14

Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

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1800  55 1800

Kids Helpline is Australia’s only free, private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.

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support for parents

Whether you're under extra strain right now or the kids are struggling to cope, you're not alone.

Check out these resources to help you with the specific challenges of parenting and family life during a pandemic.

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Drug and alcohol support

You’ve tried to change but it’s been difficult

Coping with a drug or alcohol problem on your own is difficult. Our counsellors can help you put a plan in place and give you techniques to manage a change for the better. If you need more dedicated support, we can refer you to a specialist service

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There's more to say after you say r u ok?

R U OK? inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the  people around them and start a conversation with anyone who may be struggling with life.


 You don't need to be an expert to reach out - just a good friend and a great listener. 


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1800 61 44 34

We are Australia’s only free therapist-guided digital mental health
clinic. We provide: information about mental health, online
assessments, and online treatment to adults with
anxiety, stress, depression and chronic pain.